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Angel with Stuart Wisong

About Angel Come Home, the Novel

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About Angel Come Home
Legacy for Animal Welfare

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Written by Stuart Wisong, and capturing the hearts of readers from coast to coast, “Angel Come Home” is a love story about a dog with extraordinary powers of communication, the man who shares her world, and a lost love.

By a twist of fate, the dog enters the lives of the rich and famous, the criminal and the redeemed, where she learns their scandals and deepest secrets, while exploring parts of Paris few people know exist.

Through Angel, the lives of all those she has touched are changed. This is a story of hope and renewal that will touch your heart. Enjoy a book with a Happy Ending!

Purchase the Novel & Help the Animals

The Two Angels

Two Angels

Our photographs feature images of two Angels. The first Angel (on the left), and the one featured in the novel, was Stuart’s faithful companion for 17 years. She is the slightly larger, fluffier dog. The smaller dog (on the right), affectionately nicknamed “Baby Angel” or “Little Angel” is her granddaughter, and is also called Angel. She carries on the original Angel’s work as an ambassador for animal welfare.

Become an Angel

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The “Angel Come Home” novel was created for the benefit of all organizations that provide for animal welfare. Based on Stuart’s experiences with his own dog, Angel, the book was self-published by Stuart and his friend, Ryan Hadlock in 2007. They vowed that all proceeds would go towards animal welfare. Since the book’s debut, $150,000+ has been donated to animal shelters, rescue groups and animal welfare organizations around the country as a direct result of strong sales. Major stores such as Walgreens now sell the book, and there is even talk of a movie.

Animal welfare organizations have the opportunity to solicit funds for their work from the Angel Come Home Legacy for Animal Welfare. An application can be downloaded on the
We Can Help page

Our Mission

We believe in giving all animals our attention. Since the Angel Come Home Legacy for Animal Welfare began in 2007, we have learned much about the plight of all the animals on our planet. Our donations are now going to organization that help Wild Animals, Farm Animals, and Domestic Animals. We support shelters, rescues, and other organizations active in promoting better animal welfare. We also take action to support all animal welfare organizations by signing petitions, demonstrating, and writing letters to our local, state and congressional representatives. Please consider getting involved by supporting the worthwhile organizations listed on this website. Thank you!

— Stuart Wisong, Ryan Hadlock, and Angel, founders
    of Angel Come Home Legacy for Animal Welfare

Our Philosophy

Pets are our companions, and as such, are entitled to the best care we can provide. They are an important and integral part of our family. Their love and devotion enhances our lives beyond measure.

Since our companions do not have the ability to speak for themselves, we can be their voice. We must insist that they be treated with compassion and respect.

Woven throughout the tapestry of our story, “Angel Come Home,” is a reminder of the unique bond between our companions and ourselves--a bond that lasts forever in our hearts.

— Stuart and Angel


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