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Stuart and Angel
January 2013

Hello from Angel in Naples, Florida!

Here at my Florida home we have a small flower garden with a fountain that a lot of birds use for drinks and taking a bath. I like watching them.

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching the squirrel in our garden. We call him “Mr. Nutkin.” We also have a baby rabbit named “Bunny-But” that visits us. Most mornings, after I have had breakfast, I run to the atrium to look at the trees for Mr. Nutkin. He is usually digging under one of the palm trees to get an acorn that he has hidden from the birds. Bunny-But never comes out to eat the flowers until Mr. Nutkin leaves. Even though they share the same garden, I don’t think they have ever met.

I also like to go out to our front courtyard and watch the lizards. There are brown ones and green ones. The green ones seemed to be taking over the homes of the brown ones, but since last year, I have started to see more brown ones. Maybe they are having more babies than the green ones! One day, I saw a brown one under the house. We stared at each other until I pounced on him! Then he dashed under the couch where I could not get him. He probably thought I was going to eat him, but I was not. I’m only allowed to eat dog food.

I have been to several book signings with Stuart. My job is to greet people. I like people, especially children. Stuart tells me that I think children are puppies to play with, but I don’t. I just think it’s funny to hear them giggle when I give them wet kisses on their cheeks.

We had a fantastic time at the Naples Botanical Garden recently. They have a butterfly garden, and I had to sit very quietly so I would not frighten the butterflies. One bright yellow butterfly landed on my head but I did not even feel it.

I have lots of friends down here. All of the Angel Come Home Ambassadors (our volunteers) come to visit me. Some of them have small dogs like me. They are my friends, too. I play with them on special occasions. But my favorite playmate is Stuart. I taught him how to play like a dog. He learns fast! He gets tired before I do, though, and then tells me, “It’s time to rest.”

I hope you are enjoying the New Year. I am looking forward to making new friends and seeing new places as Stuart and I continue our efforts to help animals everywhere.

Bye for now,


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