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Baby Angel's Letter

Stuart and Angel
November 2012

The Angel Come Home story is about my grandmother. She lived an exciting life in Paris and went to heaven when she was 17-1/2 years old. I'm taking over her job now.

I really enjoy going to the author’s signings with Stuart. The people make me feel special.

I made a wish yesterday. I wished that everyone would adopt a pet from the shelter. Did you know that the animal shelters are receiving thousands of pets from owners that have lost their homes and when they go to rent a place, the owners won’t accept a pet? Think of how you would feel if some one said you had to give up your child if you wanted to rent a home.

Stuart said he would never give me away. He said we would live in the car together.

Would you please consider adopting a pet from the shelter? And when you do, would you write and tell me the name of your adopted companion?

So Long,

Baby Angel

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