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"I'll Be Seeing You" is written
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Meet Angel

The star of our novel is Angel. She is a Maltese who lived 17 years in luxury. She traveled to 15 countries meeting the wealthy, the poor, and sometimes a criminal or two. Through her incredible intuitiveness, she could always see the kindness in everyone she met.

Angel lived in three countries during her life. People loved her for her beauty and devotion. She was welcomed everywhere. She loved the parades of San Francisco, the squirrels of Central Park, and riding down the Seine in Paris with the wind in her hair was her passion. People loved her for her enchanting beauty and devotion.

Even though Angel could not pass a window without gazing at her reflection, helping people was her mission.

The “Angel Come Home” novel is a celebration of her life. In October 2008, Angel’s spirit flew away. Bells tolled in the little village in New Hampshire.

Baby Angel

Meet Angel's Granddaughter

Angel’s granddaughter was born in Naples, Florida in October 2008. Little Angel took over the legacy of her Grandmother. She has greeted thousands of men, women and children at our author signings, sitting on a table, surrounded by stacks of the novels that tell of her Grandmother’s adventures in Paris.

Little Angel has sold thousands of books through her enthusiastic nature--greeting people with a smile or even a kiss. She thinks children are puppies to play with!

Her hobbies are watching the squirrels eating peanuts, chasing the lizards in the courtyard, and greeting the bunny in her garden.

Angel has learned to shake hands, sit up, and to bow her head in prayer. Her wish is that every pet should have a playmate as nice as hers--he has two hands to give her an incredible massage every evening!

Angel is three years young with teeth that sparkle and a waistline to show off. She is full of adventure and always ready for a walk or drive to wherever life takes her.

Little Angel knows Grandmother’s novel helps the rescued animals that are in shelters. Angel tells her story with her shining eyes and exuberant tail, “This is my job. I make life better for other animals. Please help my kindred spirits.”

Stuart Wisong

Meet Author Stuart Wisong

Stuart Wisong is a member of the Naples, Florida Author’s Club and the Press Club of America. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Jose University in California, and was previously a teacher of gifted children with special needs. Always interested in writing, he is the author of several poems and magazine articles, and is a former newsletter columnist. In 2007, Stuart was moved to write the novel, “Angel Come Home,” after reading an article that touched his heart. He learned that millions of pets were being surrendered to shelters because their owners were losing their homes due to bank foreclosures. A long-time animal lover, Stuart was horrified at the thought of these pets losing the love and comfort of their families. The resulting book, “Angel Come Home,” is based on his real-life travels in France with his dog, Angel.  He and friend, Ryan Hadlock, who is also the Angel Come Home project manager, have vowed that all proceeds from the book will go toward animal welfare. They continue to work tirelessly to sell the book and raise funds to aid animals in need.

Stuart has served on the Board of Directors of Avow Hospice-PAWS, which reaches out to grieving families coping with the death of a pet. He also lectures and writes articles on animal welfare issues

Ryan Hadlock

Meet Ryan Hadlock

Ryan Hadlock is a co-founder of the Angel Come Home Legacy for Animal Welfare, and executive director of the project. Along with Stuart, he has worked tirelessly to promote sales of the “Angel Come Home” novel, and raise funds for the animals.            

“When we had our first book signing in Portsmouth, NH, we sold 95 books,” he says. “We gave our initial checks to the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society. As we presented the checks, I thought about how grateful we were for the opportunity to help animal rescue efforts. We were really making a difference. Maybe we can do only a little, but hopefully over time, that will add up to be a lot--and that’s exactly what has happened.”

A former teacher, Ryan is also an avid photographer. Most of the photography on the website is his work.

Always active in his community, Ryan is also a former director of Avow Hospice-Paws, which helps people cope with the loss of a pet, has organized programs for feeding the homeless, been a member of the volunteer police force in Capitola, CA, volunteered at the Santa Cruz soup kitchen, and volunteered with the Aptos Beautification Committee, among other projects.

A U.S. Navy veteran, Ryan served on the illustrious aircraft carrier “Kitty Hawk.”

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