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MuleCheck out the links below to learn more about the many wonderful organizations doing great work for the animals.

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Kent Creative - Kent Creative is pleased to assist the Angel Come Home Legacy for Animal
Welfare with public relations, marketing and branding. Based in Dover, NH,
Kent Creative is an award-winning creative services agency providing
writing, design, marketing and public relations. The agency develops logos,
brochures, advertising, direct mail, press releases and marketing plans, and
provides the full range of writing services. Kent Creative can be reached at
(603) 742-0800, or

Crystal Ward Kent, principal at Kent Creative, is also the author of the
popular essay "The Journey." Acclaimed by animal lovers around the world,
"The Journey" captures the essence of what it is to love a pet. Read the
essay and learn more at

Wind Wild Horse - Denise Brown's book "Wind Wild Horse" Artist and Author.

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